Jiun, Bae

Computer Scientist.

Hanyang Univ.

1995 KR

Student. Interested in artificial intelligence and data science.
Studying machine learning and publish services using computer vision and NLP.

  • Yonsei University 2014-2015
    Computer Engineering @ wonju campus
  • Hanyang University 2015-2018
    Department of Computer Science
  • Hanyang University 2019-2021
    M.S. Student, Computer Vision Lab.
    • CoView 2019 Workshop on ICCV2019
      2nd Workshop and Challenge on Comprehensive Video Understanding in the Wild
    • IPIU 2020
      32nd Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding
  • Hanyang University 2015-2018
    Department of Computer Science
    • MAT4015
      Fundamentals of applied probability and random processes
      • Object tracking based on color histogram using OpenCV
      • Real-time back projection
    • ITE3068
      Software Studio; Naver open source project
      • Dockerize project
      • Performance comparison using arcus
      • Distributed storage using nBase-ARC
      • System monitoring using hubblemon
      • Stress test using nGrinder
      • Naver open source contribution
    • ITE4065
      Parallel programming @ cs.hanyang
      • Parallel string matching
      • Two-phase locking with Readers-writer Lock
      • Wait-Free Sanpshot
      • Scalable Lock Manager; Improve latch-free maria DB
    • ALOHA
      Hanyang Univ. Algorithm research club
      Hanyang Univ. Student security team
      • Hanyang Univ. Penetration test
      • inc0gnito conference
      • KUSIC seminar
    • OOParts
      Hanyang Univ. Game development club
  • Software Maestro 7th mentee
    Start-up Certified
    • Sort
      Sorting game powered by unity
    • Deep check
      Deep Learning based face recognition attendance check service
    • Memento
      Automatic person magazine publishing using machine learning
      • Distributed web crawling system
      • Word embedding and clustering with docker
      • Entity recognition module
      • Emotion extraction module
  • Overseas training @ Draper Univ.
  • Internship at mapianist
    Video encode/decode module and optical music recognition
  • Internship at Computer Vision Lab.
    Hanyang Univ. Computer Vision Lab.
  • Internship at Naver Webtoon
    NAVER Webtoon Research, 2019
    • Webtoon Annotation Tool
      • Webpage based 2D bounding box and tag annotation
      • Manage dataset model with various custom query types
  • Internship at Naver Clova
    NAVER Clova Video, 2020
  • Advanced Computer Vision Staff Assistant
    • Deep Learning and Computer Vision
      • Samsung Advanced Technology Training Institute
      • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
      • Samsung System LSI
  • ACM ICPC KoreaDaejeon regional
    16th prize
  • Top Start-up Team SW Maestro 7th Program
  • Machine Learning Challenge Korea 2017
    5th tier
  • 어안렌즈 환경에서의 객체 검출
    32nd Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding
  • 비디오 영상에서 객체 검출과 객체 재식별을 이용한 객체 계수
    32nd Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding
Last update: March 29, 2021